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Y5 share their Victorian knowledge with us...

Two pupils from Y5, Ishani and Mia relate below, their account of doing the Assembly. Thank you girls for this write-up and also to the whole class for a super assembly, it was very much enjoyed by the whole school and staff listening!

"This term as part of our History curriculum, we have been learning about the Victorians. We shared an assembly about inspirational people in this period, for example, Dr Barnardo, Lord Shaftesbury and Charles Dickens.

Our Assembly started off with a verse and the chorus of ‘Food Glorious Food!’, which was taken from the musical Oliver! based on the novel 'Oliver Twist' by Charles Dickens.  

We varied our Assembly with a drama role-play of the scene in 'Oliver Twist' where Oliver dares ask for some more gruel, and a few video clips on the projector showing the lives of the children working in factories and coal mines. Zoe then read out an extract from ‘A Christmas Carol’, also written by Charles Dickens. As soon as the name Scrooge was mentioned, everyone knew the title of the book!

During the Assembly some of us shared information that we had researched about Dr Barnardo and Lord Shaftesbury and we gave a summary about their lives doing good for others. Also, we gave some detailed descriptions about Victorian London and its slums including how gradually the lives of the people, especially the young, changed immensely. We’re lucky that children in Britain don’t have to work anymore! Hopefully the assembly taught everyone a great deal about the experiences of the poor, children at work and the homeless, as well as something about the inspirational individuals who did try to make change during the Victorian period.   We enjoyed dressing up in Victorian costume and sharing our knowledge with everyone"


  Y5 Victorian assembly Y5 Victorian Assembly