Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

Ash Wednesday Service

The school came together this morning to mark Ash Wednesday. The Service was led by Mrs Whitfield, Sr.Ursula and readers selected from year groups 2-6.

Ash Wednesday service readers at Ash Wednesday service

The girls delivered the message beautifully and coherently, that today is the day we are to repent and believe the Good News...

 "Today, we choose to turn away from darkness and turn to the light.

Today, we choose life.

Today, we choose friendship.

Today, we choose love.

Today, we choose peace.

Today, we choose justice.

Today, we choose Jesus as our friend."

The school held their arms out to bless the ashes and then each girls could come to the front to receive them, if they wished to do so. It was a beautiful and spiritual occasion and one appreciated by girls, staff and parents alike. 

 Ash Wednesday altar