Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

Bonjour La France!


Not only did the pupils have intensive French lessons, they sampled an array of new activities from circus skills to making mosaics and visited the interesting medieval town of Vézelay and the beautiful Château Bussy Rabutin.

Alex writes: 'The French trip was one to remember!!! We all had tonnes of fun and it was lovely and hot. The French teachers, Elodie, Steph and Claire were so funny and kind. My favourite activities were archery, sculpture, French lessons with Elodie and the maze at the chateau. We also did mosaic. My all-time favourite activity was when we went to the market and brought our lunch with money that Elodie gave us. we worked in table groups. It was really funny because none of the stall owners spoke English, so we had to practise our French skills, which we did not have much of, when it came to asking for the food!! It was truly the highlight of year 6.'

Asha had this to say about the trip. 'I loved the French trip, it was really fun. We did a lot of team work and we played games and learned a lot. My group had a teacher called Elodie who did some activities with us. The activities were French lesson, circus skills, boules tournament, and lots of other things. In archery I popped one balloon and we did this with a really kind funny teacher called Stephanie. There was another teacher called Claire who did sculpture and mosaic with us. I made an eye in mosaics, it looked easy but it wasn’t that easy. For sculpture I did an M but it was really hard. On the last two nights we went to restaurant and watched a movie - it was really the best trip ever!'france