Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

Pumpkin Tales

Year 1 presented a super Assembly to the school and their class parents today; it retold a traditional Indian tale that is similar in theme to Noah and his Ark.

 Y1 assembly

When Pattan and his wife, Kanni, find an ailing flower and decide to plant it in front of their simple hut next to the field where they tend their animals, they did not expect it would yield an ever-growing pumpkin! When torrential rains begin falling without an end in sight, Pattan realizes the giant pumpkin just might save their lives and ushers all his animals on board to safety, after carving out the flesh to leave a hollow, floating shell. He is keen to ensure that all seeds, plants and saplings are saved from the flood and gathers one example of each to take to dry land.

The girls in Year 1 spoke so confidently and acted so enthusiastically we all appreciated the traditional tale and learnt something from it. It is delightful to share stories from other cultures and appreciate the links they may have with our own; the world is a much smaller place than we often perceive!

By learning about other cultures and traditions we can respect and love others more as our equals, and ensure we all work together in harmony to protect and care for God’s wonderful world.