Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

New Year, New Term

We returned to school with the exciting prospect of a new term and a new year ahead of us; many of us might be trying really hard with a new resolution for 2018 – to do our music practice or homework straight away without being asked, or to eat an extra portion of fruit or vegetables each day. We might be aiming to run an extra lap of the field, or try out a different Activity Club after school to learn new skills; let’s try to encourage and help each other along with our resolutions and see how far we get…

The story of Christmas is not quite over though, even if we have taken down our tree and written our ‘Thank You’ notes, as it was the three Magi from the East who finally arrived at the stable in Bethlehem 12 days after the birth of Christ. This is celebrated as the Epiphany on 6th.January in the church’s calendar and we were reminded of this in our Assembly first thing. Let us all be like the Wise Men and not give up easily; perseverance is key, and a life skill that we most definitely hope to instil in the girls during their journey here with us at Holy Cross.