Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

Cross Country Running

On a bright Autumnal afternoon Mrs Kapadia took 20 girls, five each from Years 3 – 6, to The Hall school cross-country meet on Wimbledon common. The U8 Year 3 team giggled excitedly, and nervously, as the older girls who had experienced the event before warned them about falling in the pond or catching a Womble…all in good faith though with a mischievious glint in their eyes! Any anxiety was quickly dispelled once the teams had arrived and walked the course a couple of times during their warm-up to see the paths were quite wide and a fair distance from the pond’s edge. Mrs Kapadia’s sound advice to stop being scared about the race, but instead say they were excited, was very well received by all. The U9 event was first as our Year 4 team took their places on the starting line and set off fast, eager for a good race. It was a relay event so the rest of the team and all our other runners from the different year groups could cheer their peers on; the golden yellow tops of our girls could be seen flying through the gaps in the trees as they covered the course quickly. The girls appreciated the support from many parents who had come along to watch and cheer as well. All our girls ran really well and put 100% effort in with the following places achieved - Year 3s were 2nd; Years 4s were 5th; Year 5s were an amazing 1st.and the Year 6s were 10th. As a result, overall, our school came fifth in the whole competition out of twelve schools. Superb effort girls, very well done – keep up your running!

P.S. we never did find any Wombles…?!