Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

Assembly Time

Our daily act of collective worship is most usually an Assembly prepared and led by a class on a theme of their choice; it may link to a recent topic of study, a trip that has been enjoyed or pick up on a seasonal celebration or national event. In the last week we have had two fabulous presentations that were packed full of role play, song, verse and prayer that all together really helped us to understand and engage with the theme. Y5P introduced us to the ‘Superpower Yet’ whilst Y4P took us back in time and explored the Egyptian culture for us.

Y5P’s message was an important one for all; developing a ‘growth mindset’ so when we encounter a problem, in whatever walk of life, we are able to embrace it and attempt to solve it, rather than give up at the first hurdle. The girls heard many positive ways to change their negative, initial thoughts from, “I can’t do this; it’s too hard; I got loads wrong; my friend is better at this than me; I’ll never be any good at it”, to remembering the (super hero) power of “yet…” in the same sentence. So, “I can’t do this yet, but I will be able to do it soon!” or, “I got loads wrong, yet I can do my corrections and learn from my mistakes”. The words “perseverance” and “resilience” were introduced to all the girls and are being emphasised by the teachers in all classrooms, so they become second nature to everyone and really help our learning grow and develop.

Y4P class transported us back over 3,000 years and shared with us some of their knowledge of the Ancient Egyptians including all the gory bits of the embalming process! They were truly a fascinating people and culture and were brought to life for us all by the girls’ superb acting and re-telling of stories.

These two recent Assemblies reminded us how we all can learn from each other and have such a wealth of talent and information to share in school.