Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

Welcome Back!

A very warm 'Welcome Back' to all our Holy Cross families and an equally heartfelt, spirited 'Hello and Welcome' to all new girls and families joining our community.

The girls arrived grinning from ear to ear, chatty and excited, swapping tales from their summer holidays whilst the staff felt refreshed and eager to get started. There is something universally appealing about the start of a new academic year with pristine uniform, squeaky clean shoes, stationary supplies and bags of enthusiasm to carry us through the first few months of Autumn; the feeling is that there is so much potential out there to be grabbed and taken which is something our Holy Cross girls do with great gusto. Do keep an eye out for the calendar and on the website for details of your ‘Meet the Class Teacher’ session which will answer any initial questions you may have about your daughter’s new year group. The ‘Friday Update’ will also continue to be a very useful source of information reporting on what has happened in school during the week and what is forth coming. Wishing everyone a fabulous first term full of joy and blessings.