Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

Infant Sports Morning

A pleasantly warm, Infant Sports Morning made for an excellent start to the day. The decision to postpone our event from Tuesday afternoon due to the extreme heat, was certainly the right one as conditions were just great for agility, running, throwing and jumping this morning down on our athletics field. All the girls took part with huge smiles firmly in place and were completely un-phased by the activities that they had prepped for all term long during their PE lessons. Mrs Withers, Kapadia and Murray were delighted at the performances everyone put in to each event and witnessed some super athleticism and sporting prowess even at such young ages.

Well done girls – your sporting futures at Holy Cross look very bright indeed! Thank you to all staff and the facilities team for organising and running such a super morning. It will be the Juniors’ turn next Thursday – fingers crossed it stays dry for them as well; do join us if you can.