Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

Earth Day

A very different type of day awaits us all in school tomorrow as we are holding our own ‘Earth Day’ with the intention to run the school, as far as possible, with no or very minimum electricity! No interactive whiteboards, computers, lap tops, iPads, mini notebooks, classroom lights, fans or photocopiers will be switched on by staff, and only essential, or emergency phone calls will be made. None of us think it will be easy at first, but we are determined to rise to the challenge. Lunch will consist of a menu that requires little cooking time (rumours of pizza are rife - yummy, not such a hardship!) with plenty of salads and fruit on offer, sourced as locally as possible by our chef and the kitchen team. The school office will remain on full, ‘electrical’ production so if there is a problem from home please do contact us in the normal way, however teachers will not be reading or responding to emails until Thursday. We are thankful the weather is bright and that we are experiencing the Summer Solstice, or longest daylight hours on Wednesday. The staff are being encouraged to take the girls outside in our shady grounds and teach with the “old fashioned” books, pens and paper methods!

This initiative has been driven by Mrs Hewitt and our Eco Council girls partly in response to Pope Francis’ ‘Laudato Si’ asking us to care for our common home, and partly to raise awareness of our electrical consumption in school and to see if we can help the environment by reducing our usage.

Perhaps you could try to curb your electrical usage at home with your daughters tomorrow? Setting a timer for showers and hairdryer usage, or limiting the amount of time using devices? Could you walk to a local shop rather than drive to a big supermarket retailer? Could you even walk to school all or part of the way? Anything to help raise awareness and bring about a reduction in electricity would be beneficial to the environment and God’s beautiful planet that we are the temporary custodians of. Enjoy your manual life tomorrow and thank you for your support in this venture.