Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

'West End' Theatre

You would have thought you were in the West End on Thursday and Friday night last week as our Year 6 girls presented their end of year production which was, 'The Lion King Junior' – WOW!

The African chanting and rhythms were haunting and powerful, accompanied by some lively and energetic moves choreographed by the girls themselves. The costumes, face paint, hair styles, set, lighting and props all harmoniously combined to create an atmospheric environment in the African grasslands on which the popular story was re-enacted. Mufasa’s fall and the wildebeest stampede scenes were no less dramatic for knowing their outcome, as it unfolded in our transformed Coombe Ridge Hall. The girls took on their animal parts with enthusiasm and were seen in character acting, moving, dancing and singing all night long; a fabulous effort! Mrs Thompson and Mrs Petersons were beaming with pride throughout both performances, which played to a sell-out crowd of appreciative families, friends and staff.

This was a production that began with high expectations and thankfully, after an equally large amount of work, well and truly met them. Tremendous thanks must go to all staff and parents involved in any way, big or small, who made the production an experience to cherish and remember for a long time to come.