Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

'The Little Red Hen'

There was much stubborn stomping of feet and shaking heads…but all in a good cause as the Reception class re-told the story of ‘Little Red Hen’.

We had some Oscar-winning performances from the girls who showed us how, despite her repeated requests for help with sowing wheat seeds, watering, harvesting, grinding the corn, mixing, kneading dough and eventually baking delicious bread, little red hen was left alone to do all the work as her other animal friends refused to join in and help with the many tasks. It was their loss eventually though, as she was more than happy to eat the bread by herself and not share. We all appreciated the message that to join in, and be part of a team, is the best way to get things done and the rewards are often far greater than what we imagined. Our youngest girls also explained the importance of eating a balanced and healthy diet. During the prayers we were reminded how lucky we are to have food in abundance and how we should be thankful for this every day.

The girls delivered a super Assembly, remembering their lines and speaking with great confidence - well done!