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Safer Internet Day 2017

Our Year 6 Digital Leaders today presented to our Junior and Infant girls in two separate Assemblies to put across a critical message in recognition of Safer Internet Day. The day will be acknowledged globally tomorrow with the central theme, "Be the Change - Unite for a Better Internet"; see the following website for more information

The Infants met Smarty the Penguin who reminded them the ways in which they can enjoy the internet and have fun but remain safe on it. If they happened to see an image which they did not like or think they should be seeing the following points were stressed;

  • Turn the tablet down or turn the screen off.
  • Tell somebody straightaway.
  • If someone sends you a photo or video, only look at it if you know and trust that person in the real world.
  • Don’t ignore it.
  • Don’t show a friend, they might get upset too.
  • If you are still upset a few days later, go and talk to someone again.

The Junior girls responded to a quick 'hands-up' survey about taking photographs on digital devices and posting these online; the majority of our girls had previously enjoyed taking photos and may soon wish to take it a step further and share and publish these images online, but it is critical that they are aware of the associated risks with uploading. For example, a jolly photo depicting the birthday girl blowing out nine candles on her cake instantly reveals how old that person is and who her friends are. A similarly innocent image of your daughter in her school uniform, arms around her best friend also in school uniform, may reveal their possible location and where they attend school; both private, personal pieces of information that should be kept that way and not broadcast to anyone with a connected online device. In school we have a strict policy relating to image use and it is beneficial for all, if our older girls understand this and take heed as well. A photo sent privately in a text or an email to just one person may still end up broadcast to the world and online, through careless or thoughtless actions - it is simply not worth the share!

 digital leaders

Some of our Digital Leaders.