Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

Speak Out, Stay Safe

It was a mild and sunny start to the second half of this Autumn term as we opened up the gates and welcomed everyone back after the half term holiday.

We had an important Assembly to begin with as 2 volunteers from the NSPCC charity - the National Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children - spoke to all our girls about how they must speak out if they are feeling sad or uncomfortable about something. It was a simple enough presentation but extremely effective, as it introduced the bright green 'Buddy' Speech Bubble character to encourage children to speak out with any concerns they might have over anything that is troubling them. The girls were also informed about the different types of abuse that sadly some children do experience in their lives; physical hurt which can leave a bruise or cut, emotional hurt which might hurt deep inside but not leave a mark, neglect at home where inadequate food, drink or water is the norm and even a situation wherein their 'privates' are not allowed to stay private just for themselves. The language was child-friendly and age appropriate at all times and will have empowered our girls to share any future concerns they may have which is the NSPCC's aim to promote the rights of children worldwide to live a safe and secure life free from any form of abuse. Do see the NSPCC website for further information