Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

Day of Prayer

Tomorrow in school, Tuesday 18th. October, we will be acknowledging Pope Francis' Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy by holding a 'Day of Prayer'. All the girls will leave their normal timetable for a brief period and gather as a class group in the Old Chapel to sit and think and pray. They will enter the room through a 'Holy Door' and reflect and pray upon God's Love; traditionally 'Holy Doors' are built into all the major basilicas and cathedrals world-wide and pilgrims are encouraged to pass through this physical space as part of their worshipful acts.

The girls have been studying the bible story which tells of 'The Good Samaritan'; we are trying to encourage them to be good, kind, loyal friends, willing to serve and help and respect each other. The message is, "go and do the same yourself" which we hope will promote many good acts and deeds throughout our school, not just tomorrow, but all year long.

All our parents are warmly invited to join us and take part in our Day of Prayer. If you can spare the time first thing in the morning at drop-off do come and sit and open up hearts and minds before our busy daily lives take over. All faiths are welcome, it is not an exclusive Catholic event but should encourage reflection upon whatever God you hold dear. If you would like to join us please do come to the Old Chapel from 8:00-8:30 (to the right of the Pupil Entrance as your daughter enters school). There will be some guided prayers to help focus your thoughts, but of course you are more than welcome to offer up your own private intentions. We hope to see some of you there.