Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

Incredible, Humbling, Wonderful...

We are always extremely grateful for all the parental support and input in your daughter's education on the many, varied levels we demand of you here at Holy Cross; baking cakes for a coffee morning, providing 'spends' for book fairs and cake sales, kitting out the girls in the correct uniform, creating costumes for dress-up occasions, not to mention the open communication channels between us and guidance with homework tasks and music practise, but the response to our plea for any foodbank donations at this Harvest time has stopped us all in our tracks.

Mrs Whitfield placed a few wicker baskets in the Pupil Entrance early last Thursday before school hopeful for a tin or two yet  by the time registration came, they were already over-flowing; wonderful! But, like the proverbial 'Magic Porridge Pot' they did not stop, as the piles of tinned and packet goods grew and grew to epic proportions. We had hoped for one or two items per pupil - this would certainly have given us a huge amount for the Kingston foodbank to parcel up into the much needed, 3 day ration bags - but it seems you have all taken this cause to your hearts and bought in bulk and we cannot thank you enough. The display is quite incredible and offers such a range of goods that will be so welcomed, by so many. Your compassion and generosity are to be saluted.

 foodbank donations


We are immensely looking forward to celebrating God's Harvest in a Service led by class Y5 tomorrow - all warmly welcome from 8:40am. in the Hall. We will be involving girls from each class in the Service as some of the donations will be brought up and offered as part of our thanks. There will also be a symbolic, and physical bread breaking and sharing element to our worship - please do join us if you can. The foodbank donations will then be distributed towards the end of the week. Huge, huge heartfelt thanks once more for all your donations.