Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14


We were thrilled to be joined by 20 pupils aged 11-13 from our sister Holy Cross School in Zambia. The boys and girls were thrust into our busy, lively school community first thing and enjoyed an Assembly led by Mrs Hair during which we learnt more about Zambia as a country. Some of us were surprised to hear that Zambia has a much bigger land mass in kilometres than the United Kingdom, but the population is much smaller - it must be all the hippopotamus roaming free that take up all the room!

The boys and girls followed a timetable which echoed our normal school day and accompanied various classes in specialist lessons as well as during their class-time. It was delightful to see our girls welcome them so warmly and enthusiastically at break time and rush to speak to them and ask questions about themselves and their Zambian lives. We hope our visitors enjoyed themselves as much as we enjoyed their company amongst us.

We look forward to another day with our guests on Thursday.

 Zambian pupils

Joining in the fun, going to Assembly!