Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14


Well the girls in Holy Cross should certainly be able to answer this timeless, perplexing question, what came first chicken or egg? We have been treated to the wonderful, live, experience of eggs hatching in school right before our very eyes this week!

Mrs Lanigan arrived on Monday with 10 little brown eggs cosy and warm in their incubator and by Wednesday morning we had our first bewildered chick break through the shell and poke his or her little beak out. This was soon followed by the others who 'fluff up' remarkably quick into the picture-book perfect vision of soft, yellowy, downy bundles of comical characters who are never still for a moment once they have discovered their feet. As they grow more assured of themselves they are moved to a bigger nesting box and are allowed out for handling and to run around; cue a class visit for the girls to experience and see and handle the chicks. We have all thoroughly enjoyed this week so far and look forward to witnessing more chicken capers next week when they remain with us.


Fluffy chicks!