Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

Enterprise Success!

We were joined by four of our parents in Assembly who are members of the FOHC committee, and had agreed to play the role of bankers in our school-wide 'Enterprise' project which was launched last term. Each class had selected two girls to go and present their project ideas to the bankers back in February, who then oversaw a 'contract' being signed and £100 finance provided to make, create and sell a certain product in order to raise money for our chosen charity.

Miss Vallely who has led the entire project reminded us of the products that were made and sold at the two Enterprise Fairs - Pre-Prep and Junior - which we all enjoyed and visited in MArch just before we broke up for Easter. From cakes to other sweet treats, to bag charms, perfumed candles, eco jewellery, bunny hair scrunchies, personalised framed letter pictures and even a lucky-dip game, both events were great fun and we hoped, a huge fund-raising success... It was now time to find out and reveal how much money had been taken as well as our final profit figures. Drum roll please - the girls obliged with a hearty tapping on the floor then fell silent. The intake of breath from staff and girls alike was audible as incredible, mind-boggling numbers appeared on screen in Miss Vallely's presentation - over £4,300 in total, equated to £3,491.17 going straight to our chosen charity, Mary's Meals. When you consider that it only requires £12.20 to feed a child for a year and keep them in school, we were delighted to learn 286 children would benefit from our fund raising which is a staggering amount.

None of this would have been possible without a huge mountain of parental support so we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks for getting involved in what we ask your daughter to do and having such an input in her learning as well.