Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

Stop....and seek Him!

The darkened Hall was once more hushed with excited anticipation as the parents waited patiently for their daughters in Years 3 and 4 to bring to life the story of 'The Gift Bringer'.

The action centres on Babushka, a very house-proud lady in a Russian village who ignores her neighbours' excitement at an unusual celestial event and resolutely carries on with her cooking, cleaning, washing, dusting, sweeping and polishing. Even when a regal trio arrive at her door with their camels and entourage, she is not persuaded to leave her home and go seek the new born king of Heaven and Earth. When curiosity does get the better of her and she makes the journey, Babushka is alas too late to gaze upon the Christ child laid in the manger and continues to wander delivering presents to any sleeping child just in case...

The girls performed the story with an incredibly sweet tenderness in places, coupled with rousing choral gusto in others, to make for an uplifting evening. It was delightful to have the Nativity story presented in this traditional, yet culturally different way. Fabulous effort girls; the message was very clear to us at this busy time of year that we should not lose sight of what is important and real. Once again Mrs Petersons and Miss Scarlett guided and directed the girls to great musical and acting accomplishments - well done everyone!