Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

Infant Christmas Plays

The Infants have excelled themselves in their three separate Christmas productions this week; they were delightful to watch in their beautiful costumes which shimmered and sparkled under the lights. The new curtains in the Hall made a real difference to the space in which they acted, dance and sang superbly. The curtains made the vast cavern of the Hall feel far more intimate and manageable and gave a really cosy, warm, embrace – just like having a big Christmassy hug!

It is worth mentioning that our youngest performers, Reception and Reception Parallel, have only been with us in school for 11 weeks and some of those girls would have only just turned 4 years old in the summer months, yet they rose to the occasion and made their parents teary eyed and their teachers very proud. Their adorable production of ‘Whoops a Daisy’ really spread the true message of Christmas.

Year 1s told the story of how they had to, ‘Mend the Manger’ after a particularly clumsy donkey had trodden in the food stall but luckily it was all in very good order and repaired ready to receive an unusual occupant. The Year 2s sensitively showed us the tale of ‘Stable Boy’ in which we saw the fate of a down-trodden young lad who was not particularly successful in life and constantly getting into trouble, until he finds himself in the stable at the birth of Jesus and is invited to participate in the wondrous moment.

Mrs Petersons and Miss Scarlett have worked incredibly hard with all the girls to get them 'performance ready' and they all shone brightly like the little stars they are; well done and warm thanks to all involved with the productions in any way. We look forward to our Junior girls continuing the high standards next week in their shows.