Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

Infant Learning

Our Year 1 pupils went on a 'behind the scenes' tour of New Malden Fire Station to learn all about safety indoors and how, in the event of a fire, the Fire Service acts to rescue and help us. Mrs Lanigan who organised the trip explains,

"The girls were shown how the fire fighters, men and women, live, sleep and dine within the fire station whilst they are on duty - there is no 'home-time' for them each day on shift. They saw the very special type of ‘playground’ where the staff train; this part of the building is set up to mimic different situations the fire fighters may find themselves in when tackling a blaze. They demonstrated how they carry dummies down flights of stairs and manoeuvre through awkward spaces in complete darkness, with simulated smoke filling the air. When the girls were given a turn on the hose they were in awe of its power and the distance the water could travel. It was an enjoyable and informative trip and deepened our understanding of how much the Fire Service help us, for which we are very grateful".

In the same week it was the turn of our Year 2 girls to experience some learning outside the classroom when they went on a visit to the Poppy Factory in Richmond. Mrs Piggott fills us in on what they saw and did there.

"On arrival at the unassuming, but large brick building, we were met by a man called Geoff who showed us a short film about the world wars and why we wear a poppy as a symbol of remembrance; he had some very engaging tales as a veteran himself. We enjoyed watching a Snoopy cartoon which explained where the poppies grew in the battlefields and how they have become so important visually for us in the modern age. We learnt lots of very interesting facts and also got to make our own poppies; we even pretended to be disabled soldiers and attempted to make the poppies with one hand. The factory fulfils all the orders that are needed for the commemoration services around the country next November 2016 - yes they really do start making all the poppies a year in advance as so many millions are required in wreaths, on crosses and to be sold individually".

 poppy factory  poppy factory

Poppy production line!