Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

'Switch Off Fortnight'

Our Eco Councillors guided by Mrs Hewitt took the Assembly and related a very important message to us; we  are all increasingly dependent upon electricity and using more of it all the time to power our favourite, 'must have' gadgets and devices from televisions, radios and MP3 music players to game consoles, computers, laptops, iPads and iPods and other surface tablets...

There is a long list of appliances if we consider all those we use without a second thought at home and in school, including lights, sockets, fridges, freezers, cookers, dishwashers, washing machines, hair dryers, hoovers and so on - but what if we did not have them, or the electricty supply to enable them to power on? It is a sobering thought.

We are all aware of climate change and predicted global warming that is a direct result of burning fossil fuels to gain electricity, so if we want to do our part it might seem small, but it can have a very significant effect - SWITCH OFF! Lights are easy to leave on when we move from one room to the next and change our activity - both at home and in school - but they are also very easy to turn off. The Eco girls walked around school one lunchtime last week and discovered 389 lights on in empty rooms and classrooms which is a massive waste of energy. We must address this as a school and then hopefully our good practice becomes a life-long habit and we extend it to our homes as well. You could carry out your own survey at home over the weekend; pick a moment when your family is all in one room - eating breakfast or watching television - and slip out to count the number of lights that are still burning electricity in empty rooms throughout the rest of the house. It might just shock you into action. You could also check the number of devices that are on 'standby' and have not been switched off properly...

In school, every classroom has now been given a 'Switch Off Box' and the councillors will be issuing red cards if lights are on in empty classrooms or awarding earth tokens if the switches are off; after a time the class with the most earth tokens will receive a beautiful plant for their classroom to further improve the environment. Let us all be very proactive in this fortnight, 16-29th November and on into the future, especailly with the darker Winter days upon us when it is all too easy to leave lights burning all the time and wasting electricty.

More information can be found here

It was a really enjoyable and informative Assembly - thank you girls.