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Remote Education

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, remote education plans are in place for pupils who cannot attend school due to a national lockdown, those subject to individual self-isolation requirements or groups of pupils who are required to isolate following confirmed cases of COVID-19. We have a contingency plan in place to enable teaching to continue during any temporary whole-school closures due to local and national lockdowns.

At Holy Cross Prep the online curriculum will be delivered to pupils by class teachers and specialists teachers via video conferencing. The curriculum, including specialist lessons, will be taught in line with the in-school class timetable as closely as possible.

(Provision updated in line with latest Government guidance to schools)

The following procedures must be in place during remote education:

Ensuring Safety

  1. Ensure daily register is taken and reported in the SIMS database.
  2. Staff to monitor pupils’ wellbeing and engagement with learning and manage according to school procedures.
  3. Should a teacher have concerns of the safety and wellbeing of a child, follow Holy Cross Prep Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy and procedures.
  4. Parental concerns regarding provision should follow the normal school Complaints Policy.
  5. Staff concerns should follow the standard reporting process e.g. head of department, HR, Grievance Policy, SLT.

Online Safety

  1. Teachers understand how to keep children safe online during remote learning. All lesson content is viewed prior to delivery to ensure no adverts or inappropriate content.
  2. Teachers to blur/change background where possible for privacy, close emails window and any other private documents/photos prior to screen sharing.
  3. Teachers are professionally dressed and lesson options are set so that the teacher is the organiser/presenter to prevent pupils taking control of the lesson and participants.
  4. Pupils and parents follow Responsible User Agreement for remote education.
  5. The school continues to monitor and report pupils’ internet searches for those who use school devices (years 4-6) for remote learning.


  1. Staff and pupil wellbeing is of great importance at a time when society is challenged by the pandemic.
  2. Staff to identify potential wellbeing or mental health issues of pupils and address immediately according to standard school procedure.
  3. Pupils with additional needs, including vulnerable and SEND pupils, are supported by SEND leader via additional 1:1 or small group lessons.
  4. Pupils and staff to observe the 20/20 rule to break from screen time (move and look away from screen after 20 mins for 20 seconds).
  5. PSHE opportunities are included for pupils to consider their feelings. Staff to be sensitive to potential exposure to a wider audience e.g. parents.
  6. Whole school and class assemblies, whole school ‘storytime’ in place to maintain a sense of school community.
  7. Regular staff meetings to maintain communication and support colleagues.
  8. Staff to be empathetic to rapidly changing family circumstances and government restrictions and to work with sensitivity with the school community.
  9. Staff and pupils to adhere to current government guidance relating to Covid-19 and respect the rules for local and national restrictions.

Data Management

  1. If teachers wish to record their lessons, the data files will be saved in accordance with the school data protection policy which is GDPR compliant.
  2. Teachers use remote access to the network to view pupil data files – no confidential information to be stored on home devices. Computers to be locked or logged out from the remote session after use.
  3. Any confidential hard copies of documents must be shredded.

Behaviour and Attitude

  • Teachers and pupils are aware of clear rules for behaviour during remote lessons.
  • Pupils being appropriately dressed (school uniform top optional) e.g. no head wear.
  • Pupils positioned in an area conducive to learning under supervision of parents.
  • Pupils to be prompt for lessons to start (pupils can join video call 5 mins prior to lesson).
  • Where specialist lessons are back to back the lesson should finish 5 mins prior to timetable to enable screen break/toilet break.
  • Pupils to be polite and courteous as they would be in school, following the ‘Holy Cross Way’.
  • Teachers to monitor and enforce high standards of online behaviour following the school Behaviour Policy, including positive praise and rewards and sanctions. Reports of behaviour and attitude concerns to be reported and addressed in accordance with normal school practice.

Monitoring and Evaluating

1. The school has systems in place to monitor the impact of remote education.

This includes:

  • staff and pupil sickness and absence data.
  • ensuring access to remote provision.
  • enabling pupils to receive feedback.
  • monitoring pupils’ engagement in online lessons and reporting disengagement to deputy head.
  • where needed, training is provided to ensure staff continue to support effective teaching practice remotely.

2. Educational Service akin to the quality and quantity of typical provision:

  • Online technical issues to be reported as soon as possible.
  • Monitoring of online service to be reported daily.
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