Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

'Pray, Stop, Go'

Our Assembly, taken by Mrs Lanigan, introduced to us the message of, ‘Pray, Stop, Go’ which is one we will try and emulate throughout Lent. After enjoying pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, and perhaps some of us received ashes on Ash Wednesday in our local churches during half term, we have returned to school with the season of Lent well underway. These forty days leading up to Easter gives us time to reflect and prepare in the same way that Advent does prior to Christmas. Some of us may have considered already what little selfless act we can do as an ‘extra’ over the next forty days, or what we may wish to give up and go without during this period as recognition of Christ’s sacrifice for us. In school we are keen to be proactive and make a small change for the benefit of ourselves and others, so the intention to pray more, find time for others and approach them with love, respect and understanding is, hopefully, a small way to make this happen.