Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

School News

  • Making Musical Instruments

    Posted: 24/04/09

    Year 5 girls used their creative talents and scientific knowledge to design and make musical instruments in the design and technology lesson.

  • Chiltern Open Air Museum.

    Posted: 24/04/09

    In the autumn term Year 1 visited the Chiltern Open Air Museum.

    The museum was a very special place. We were able to see lots of different types of houses from long ago. We were able to ‘step back in time’ and could imagine how things would have been in the olden days.

  • Computers 4 Africa

    Posted: 24/04/09

    In October 2008 the school donated 25 old, working computers to the charity 'Computers 4 Africa'. The computers will be shipped to Tanzania, where they will be overhauled by trainee IT technicians at a college before being sent on to local primary and secondary schools for use in the classroom.

  • Easter Fundraising in Reception

    Posted: 24/04/09

    Reception and RP took part in a sponsored bounce to raise money for ‘Momentum’ the school’s chosen charity this Lent.

  • Science Outing

    Posted: 24/04/09

    Year 3 and year 3P went on an exciting outing to the Science Museum

  • The Poppy Factory

    Posted: 24/04/09

    In November Year 2 went to the Poppy Factory at Richmond to find out more about why we wear poppies at this time of year.

  • Hampton Court

    Posted: 23/04/09

    Year 4 had a memorable day at Hampton Court to support their history studies.

  • The Design Museum

    Posted: 23/04/09

    On Friday, 19th September Year 4 visited The Design Museum. We looked at the various exhibitions and participated in a chair design workshop. We observed a range of chairs, and investigated how useful and attractive they were. The girls then designed and made a prototype of a chair. It was a really exciting and fascinating place to visit.

  • Christmas

    Posted: 23/04/09


    The Reception classes all enjoyed performing their Christmas story Shepherd Little.
  • Christmas 2008

    Posted: 23/04/09


    Christmas was celebrated by telling the Christmas story in many different ways by all the Infant and Junior classes this year. 


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