Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

School Travel Plan

Please find our new 'School Travel Plan' below.


We have conducted an extensive survey amongst parents this academic year to ascertain the length and duration of travel, as well as the mode of transport; we forsee this enabling us to guide further planning in this area, alongside local education authority guidelines. We are keen to target environmental sustainability in school, as well as reduce the traffic on the driveway, especially during afternoon pick up. Our Eco Council team have also taken on board the challenge to promote amongst their peers car sharing, or walking to school if practical.

We have recently seen an encouraging uptake in pupils coming to school on their scooter, or cycling alongside a parent; to this end we have installed a covered bike rack, with small lockers, so any items can be left securely during the day. There are a growing number of our pupils who take advantage of the Rokeby morning bus service which drops off in our drive at the start of the day and this is also being promoted.


  1. Rokeby morning bus service form
  2. HC Travel Plan 2018
  3. Rokeby Bus Routes 2017-18