Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

Physical Education and Games

At Holy Cross, apart from nurturing physical skills and fitness, the variety of sporting activities on offer gives our girls the opportunity to develop both collaborative, team effort and spirit, alongside individual competency and skill.


Specialist teachers, or coaches, teach physical education, PE, throughout the school.  All pre-prep pupils have two PE lessons each week; juniors have one single PE lesson and a double games session. The facilities within the school include three netball courts and two tennis courts, a sports field and a new gymnasium. A balanced PE programme develops the skills to play netball, hockey, and cricket or rounders.  Athletics, cross country, gymnastics and dance are also part of the curriculum.  Swimming is taught in year 2 at a local leisure centre in a ten week block.

 PE   PE

The school is renowned for netball, hockey, cross country and rounders’ successes. Matches are played against local schools and the teams also compete in a number of tournaments, both at other schools and also the I.A.P.S netball, hockey and rounders’ tournaments. The school is in the process of moving into cricket for the girls in the summer of 2018.

The U11A and U10A teams have been very successful over the past few years in a number of tournaments, with the following highlights so far this year.

2017 – 18 hockey & netball highlights

  • U11 ‘In2Hockey’ London Girls Schools Hockey - winners   
  • U11 South Regional Hockey finals – 3rd
  • IAPS U11 Regional Hockey – winners and qualification for National finals.
  • IAPS U11 National Hockey 6th
  • IAPS U11 Regional Netball - 7th
  • U11 Surrey Netball - 5th
  • U10 Netball winners Hawthorns and St Georges tournaments
  • U11 Kingston Cross Country 2nd 5th 7th & 16th (out of 170 schools) - 1st place for team event
  • U10 Kingston Cross Country 2nd 6th 7th and 17th (out of 170 schools) - 1st place for team event
  • U10 ‘In2Hockey’ London Girls Schools Hockey - 2nd