Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14



Music is an integral part of life at Holy Cross. All girls are given the opportunity to learn an instrument and take part in the varied musical activities on offer.

Class activities focus on performance, listening skills and composition. The girls, in general, have two lessons a week, which include activities such as singing and playing instruments. Years 2 - 4 learn to play the recorder.

All girls perform at Christmas and there is an annual musical play performed by our year 6 girls. There are also many other opportunities to perform; in class, assembly, Mass or in concerts in groups or as solo performers.

 music   music

We offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities at lunchtimes including;



Brass group

French Horn group

String ensemble

Flute group

Guitar group

Jazz ensemble

Various singing ensembles.

These activities are supported, or led by, the team of visiting peripatetic teachers who teach:

Piano              Violin                  Cello               Classical Guitar           Flute              Clarinet               Trumpet           Singing

Horn               Trombone            Cornet             Saxophone

Over half the girls in the school have peripatetic lessons at school on a rota basis. Every peripatetic teacher has a pupils' concert during the academic year. We are proud to hold an "Evening of Music" where soloists of the highest standard in the school and all the ensemble groups are invited to perform.

Girls take ABRSM and Trinity external music exams for the different instruments and singing; their progress is recorded in school.

For many years our girls have been successful in winning music scholarships to senior schools which include LEH, Surbiton High, Guildford High, Claremont Fan Court, Kingston Grammar, Wycombe Abbey and St.Mary’s Ascot.

Music is always active and very practical, with enjoyment of the subject being a primary objective of each lesson; lively and busy is the musical life of a girl at Holy Cross Prep!