Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14


At Holy Cross our aim is to teach the girls to make sense of mathematics so they can use and apply it confidently in their everyday lives. Lessons are taught through a carefully structured scheme that follows the guidelines laid down by the National Curriculum.


The emphasis in the classroom is on variety and stimulating learning through practical activities, problem solving, mathematical investigations, mathematical games and the development of mental skills and strategies.  Each class teacher strives to challenge and inspire every pupil through whole class teaching, group work and individual work. Regular homework is designed to reinforce class work. In the junior classes, to enable the girls to fulfil their potential at the pace best suited to them, they are set into three ability groups.

The girls are prepared for entrance examinations to a wide range of senior schools and by the end of their time at Holy Cross, the most able are working well above the expected national average at the end of Key Stage Two in Maths.


  1. Calculations at Holy Cross Addition and Subtraction presentation
  2. Number Lines and Number Square
  3. Addition and Subtraction Vocabulary
  4. Calculations at Holy Cross Multiplication and Division presentation
  5. Multiplication and Division Vocabulary
  6. Mathematics Enrichment Ideas