Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013

House System


The house system at Holy Cross is designed to encourage girls to mix in wider age and friendship groups as well as promoting healthy and controlled competition in a range of events e.g. sports, poetry competition and craft activities. Infants and Juniors are assigned to one of our four Houses and will follow a sibling through. 
On an individual basis, pupils are awarded points for good behaviour, effort and good work. Over the year, most house points are awarded for success in the classroom and as such, all pupils’ contributions are equally important to the overall success of the houses.
Year Six girls have the opportunity of taking on responsibility and practising leadership skills as Captain or Vice-Captain of a house. They are elected by the pupils in their house.

The Houses

There are four houses – St. Dominic (yellow), St. Teresa (green), St. Elizabeth (red) and St. Francis (blue). Each house has its own teddy bear mascot dressed in the house colours and a motto created by previous captains and vice-captains. Each member of staff is attached to a house. There is a display board in school where different achievement and activities are recorded on a termly basis.

The House Shield

Each term a house assembly is held. All the house points are collected and the winning pupils in each class are presented with a certificate of merit and house badge from the Headteacher. The prestigious house shield is then awarded to the winning house.
At prize giving, the total points for the whole year are announced and the Captain and Vice-Captain of the winning house collect the house shield, and the trophy is then engraved with the year and tribute to their success.