Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

Design Technology

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Design Technology is taught from years 1 – 6 and is an integral part of the EYFS curriculum as our youngest girls begin to explore materials and processes, ask practical questions and work with their hands to develop their fine motor skills. Each year group is block timetabled for two days per term.

We have a well-stocked specialist DT room where our girls can work safely and in a technical manner. The curriculum follows the suggested Dfes's schemes of work, but we adapt topics to enrich classroom based learning and make cross-curricular links, which help our girls make connections between subjects and transfer their learning. Transferable skills may include accurate measuring, careful cutting, exploring joining methods, creating successful stable structures and practical problem solving along with design and research.

At Holy Cross we aim to provide the girls with activities designed to meet their individual learning needs and develop a love of the subject and this is evident in DT

 DT pics  DT pics