Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

Academic performance

Holy Cross offers a holistic education in a happy, nurturing and caring environment where pupils develop a love for learning inspired by their teachers, peers and facilities surrounding them. Our girls who engage and participate fully in school life regularly perform academically above the national average. 

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“Outcomes for all children are outstanding” was the Independent Schools Inspectorate assessment in 2010. Subsequently, in 2013, the school was granted exemption from the learning and development requirements of the EYFS Framework for children aged 3-5, by the DfE. This allows the school freedom to exercise its professional judgement in implementing a curriculum with teaching strategies that are best suited to the needs of our bright, eager young learners; the girls are taught and extended by our specialist teaches and access the Year 1 curriculum early, if appropriate.    

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Our highly motivated girls are capable risk-takers and independent thinkers. They may be identified at some point as needing extra support during their school career and this can be actioned short or long-term. Access to highly selective senior schools is enabled, as well as preparation for scholarships in a number of areas including academia, music, sport, drama and art. The school was named ‘prep School of the Year 2013-14’ by the Sunday Times.

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2012: 13th. nationally

2013: 2nd. nationally and named Prep School of the Year 2013-14

2014: 5th. nationally

Since 2015 Holy Cross has not participated in non-statutory national testing, ie. SATs, which test reading, maths, grammar, punctuation and spelling against a framework of values. We believe in an holistic education which incorporates a broad, dynamic curriculum that is exciting, relevant and highly motivating. We have experienced and enthusiastic specialist teachers that work alongside the classroom teacher, to nurture and develop each girl’s gifts and talents. Girls sit CAT4s – Cognitive Abilities Test (4th.edition) which provide a standardised measure of cognitive ability without reference to curriculum based material and regardless of previous achievements and fist language. These give a valuable insight into pupil’s ability to reason across four distinct areas: verbal, non-verbal, mathematical & spatial.

 CAT scores

In the academic year 2017 – 2018:

12% of Year 6 pupils achieved CAT scores in the range 96-112 which is at the National Average or just above.

46% achieved CAT scores in the range 113-124 which is ‘Above Plus’ of the National Average.

42% achieved CAT scores in the range >125 which is considered ‘Well Above’ the National Average.


Our academic success not only enables access to highly selective senior schools, it also offers opportunities for academic scholarships as reflected in the large number awarded to Holy Cross girls. Girls are awarded scholarships on their academic achievement and their talent in sport, music, drama and art.

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