Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

Sweet Sounds

On Wednesday, ten of our Year 5 girls went by minibus with Mrs Petersons and Mrs Walmsley to Leith Hill Place, now a National Trust property, and the former home of the composer Ralph Vaughan Williams.  Currently they have an artist in residence, Julie Hoyle, who is creating work for “The Echoing Space” an exhibition open at Leith Hill Place from 1st. June - 1st July. This multi-aspect exhibition will showcase the house and see / hear it filled with inter-generational voices singing the songs of folk long past, accompanying an installation of ceramics inspired by Joshua Wedgewood, who also had links to the house.

Our 10 girls, along with 10 boys from Rokeby had learnt four songs by, or collected by, Ralph Vaughan Williams in the early 1900’s.  The folk band, Morrigan, were also present at the session and sang with the children as they were filmed and recorded all of this as part of the soundscape installation for the exhibition. 

The girls were incredible in their singing and behaviour, and quickly assimilated the musical direction given to them before the filming and recording of each song. It was a really unique and fascinating experience for all. Do try to visit Leith Hill Place later in the summer to appreciate the house and this exhibition which our girls are now part of! For more information please see

 Leith Hill Place singers

Singing  sweetly at Leith Hill Place