Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

An Inspiration...

Our school gathered together to hear an incredibly inspirational and successful, yet humble gentleman, who spoke to us about themes we could all identify with.

Bernie Broad joined the Army in 1982 as a boy soldier and rose up the ranks to Major after 32 years of gallant service including leadership of multiple tours of duty overseas; he only retired after an incident in Afghanistan in 2009, which cost him both legs and altered the course of his life. Despite now being a double, below knee, amputee he leads just as an active life now, as he did previously, and his energy and determination was evident in the way he spoke. Bernie credits his positive attitude towards life to his rehabilitation through sport, particularly golf, which enabled him to attend and compete in the Invictus Games for the first time in 2016; last year he was the UK’s Team Captain at the games and met Prince Harry who first set up the initiative for ex-service men and women injured through conflict.

The love and support of Bernie’s family and friends were cited as the reason he was able get up each day and start afresh, especially when faced with almost overwhelming and insurmountable daily challenges. His perseverance certainly puts what is troubling us into perspective. His love for ‘Queen and Country’ was also a guiding force for him in life and made it all worthwhile during his Army career and still today.

Bernie’s talk this morning reminded the girls of the importance of friends and family and how sport can help you overcome difficulties in life. Through perseverance anything is possible. He also stressed that it is not always about being in the ‘A’ team and winning, but about setting personal goals and achieving them as he found out when competing in swimming races against more able bodied athletes who he would never physically beat to come first, but he could beat his ‘personal best’ time to win.

The girls were fascinated to hear about how the prosthetic legs worked and how he had different legs with different feet and shoes depending on the activity he was pursuing. He made us laugh when he commented that the plus side of having false legs was that your feet never smell and do not need washing!!

 Bernie Broad

An inspiration...Major Bernie Broad speaking in Assembly

We thank Ms Hack, a Y2P parent, for introducing us to Bernie and for accompanying him this morning.