Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

Shop's Open!

A very exciting initiative was launched in school with details of the first Holy Cross Stationery shop to open! It will be run by our highly skilled, and enthusiastic Year 6 ‘shop keepers’ who all had to apply and be interviewed for the post; they will be over-seen by Mrs Hunt who has put a lot of thought and effort into this enterprise. It will stock basic stationery items that are essential to the smooth running of lessons but do naturally run out, often mid-week, when it may not be convenient, or possible to obtain the items overnight. If all our girls have the correct equipment at the start of each lesson you can appreciate how much smoother and calmer our learning can be, rather than fussing over borrowing or missing things.  There will be nothing branded or fancy in our shop, only what is listed in the ‘uniform’ supplies as necessary for your daughter to have in class eg. A long ruler, glue stick, ink pen, cartridges etc. The shop will open in Y6P classroom at break time on Tuesday and Thursday each week. A full stock and price list can be found on the Parents' section of the wesbite and will be available in your daughter’s classroom in case she needs to find out and check with you; if you can manage to fund any purchase with small change and the correct amount that will be much appreciated. Any item that is purchased will be named for free by Mrs Hunt so it is all ready to use in class straight away.

We are convinced the shop will provide a much needed service making life easier for all; if you find there is an item not currently in stock do contact Mrs Hunt who will investigate and resource it. Thank you for your support of our latest venture.