Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14


Class Y4 helped us celebrate our first Mass of this New Year together in school this morning. The girls were quick to remind us that although Winter may seem bleak and dormant, an uninspiring season of cold, grey, dull, damp days, this can be appreciated as a quiet, restful, reflective, calm period whilst we wait and prepare for the joy of Spring and Easter.

We welcomed Father Patrick to lead us in worship, as Father Michael was unavailable, and enjoyed the story he told us about being like Jesus and recognised for doing good in our community. In fact, Winter is the perfect time to be a good neighbour and friend to those who may feel more lonely and vulnerable in the cold and dark days. In the Offeratory the girls brought up some wholesome root vegetables to nourish and a scarf and jumper to protect - clear reminders for all.

Let us appreciate each God-given day, whether it brings snow and frost or rain and wind over these next few weeks; we can be confident of Spring around the corner and God’s love for us at all times.

 Y4 Mass

Mindful of Winter