Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

Christmas Mass

Following the coldest night of the year, our last day of term dawned crisp and bright and sunny with a picturesque frosty sprinkling on the grounds and buildings at school. The girls enjoyed the morning in class with festive crafts, exchanging cards and little gifts and then a big tidy up for the end of term.

Our Mass was led by Y6P who enabled us to reflect and pause at this busy time of the year, to really consider what we are celebrating and why. The girls spoke beautifully and sang sweetly; the school orchestra was tuneful and Ms Deam’s pupils treated us to some angelic choral pieces. Regardless of your faith, singing a rousing Christmas carol, amongst friends, in a big, warm community really brings home the true spirit of Christmas. Father Michael spoke to us expressing his wish that we worry less about worldwide problems, and concentrate more on loving those around us in our immediate family – a lovely message to take away with us today.

Wishing all our families a joyful, blessed and peaceful winter break.