Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

Take Our Plastic Pledge!

Our Eco Councillors from the Juniors led our Assembly with a very important message. Their latest campaign is to get us all thinking about the types of plastic we buy, how we recycle or reuse plastic and if possible, consider a more environmentally friendly alternative material to plastic. They showed us an informative video about the different types of plastic and how some types are easier and cheaper to recycle than others. The differences between a single use sandwich bag and a garden chair are obvious; they are both known as ‘plastic’ but have very diverse qualities and as such one is more obviously recycled whilst the other often ends up in landfill. The girls also alerted to us the international news story which reported on the five mile wide drift of plastic water in the Caribbean; largely composed of waste from plastic water bottles it is a sickening sight to behold

Eco Council wish to see us being more considerate human consumers of plastic and even swap our plastic water bottles for one they have sourced especially for our school. It is metal, very robust yet can be recycled easily, has the school logo on it and will keep our water cool throughout the day and not taint the taste. These will be available if you wish to purchase them at the Christmas Fair on Saturday.

Our Councillors also encouraged us to share any ideas we have about reducing our plastic use in school and at home. They are running a poster competition to illustrate these ideas. Let's hope we can all take the plastic pledge to reduce our use of plastic.