Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

World Faiths Recognised

Although we are a Catholic school, a large part of our RE Curriculum is devoted to learning about, and understanding, different faiths. With this knowledge, we can promote greater respect and love between all our girls, as well as being inclusive and making everyone’s faith important.

We have recently experienced a ‘World Faiths Week’ and each year group studied a different aspect of Islam; today class Y5 shared something of their learning with the whole school in their Assembly. They spoke beautifully clearly when explaining all about the ‘Five Pillars of Islam’ and added in some role play to visually show what they were talking about. It was a very informative and enlightening Assembly and we all, staff included, learnt something new. Thank you girls and teachers for sharing this with us.

 Y5 assembly

Explaining Islam for us.