Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

Lion King Junior - the Musical!

Our Year 6s are deep in rehearsal week for their end of year production; The Lion King Junior, which promises to be a spectacular sight and sound! The two production nights are next Thursday and Friday, 15th and 16th. June. Tickets are available through the Agora website and the girls would really appreciate as much support as possible. Due to the constraints of our timetable, the remainder of the school in Reception through to Year 5, sadly do not get the opportunity to view any rehearsals, so if they wish to see their ‘big girl’ or older sibling and friends from the top of the school, they should come to the show; £10 adults, £5 children. There is still some availability on the Thursday night, but limited space on Friday. See you on the grasslands of Africa...!

 lion king