Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

Special Sisters Visiting.

We were delighted to welcome in school today Sister Telma, the Congregational Leader of the Sisters of Holy Cross, and Sister Franziska her assistant. Both nuns enjoyed being part of our busy school community and experiencing some of our daily worship and activities. They arrived bright and early for Sr.Ursula’s ‘Time for God’ group with some of the parents before chatting to girls and staff.

 Our Monday morning Assembly was presented by class Y1P, who chose to focus on feelings and how we express ourselves, linking it to how Jesus’ disciples must have felt after His Resurrection. The young girls re-enacted the story of ‘Doubting Thomas’ and encouraged us all to ‘simply believe’. For our entertainment and delight, one of our Year 4 pupils played her Grade 4 piano pieces, 'Black Eyes' by Moira Hayward which perfectly illustrated the wonderful musical talent we are lucky enough to hear and have in school. 

Sr.Margaret joined our visitors on a comprehensive tour of the school and after all that walking and talking, were revived with a lovely lunch – lasagne was on the menu today! Sister Telma was presented with one of our school hymn books and a special prayer book that had been compiled with drawings and reflections written by the girls. It was a really special visit and we all felt honoured and part of the world wide Holy Cross community.

 Sr Telma