Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

'O Mary We Crown Thee...'

The month of May is traditionally associated with the Virgin Mary, Mother of God, and class Y4 explored this beautifully in their Mass.

Mary gave herself up freely to do God’s bidding, yet she remained an ‘ordinary’ mother on Earth bringing up her son, Jesus and being a good wife to Joseph. We can learn a lot from Mary’s example and hope to grow closer to God through her.

The girls reminded us to be thankful to those who clothe, feed, protect and nurture us every day; we may be quick to dismiss, or take for granted these actions, but Mary shows us her total love for God through them. It seems no coincidence that Mary is visually recognisable wearing pale blue in many religious paintings and images, and glancing outside the Hall today we did indeed witness the most wonderful blue sky and even some bright sunshine making its debut this month! The school grounds, our gardens, parks and open spaces are bursting with bluebells and all sorts of other Spring flowers right now, so we are encouraged to reflect upon Mary in the flowers we see in abundance and even offer up a bunch to her, or our own mothers, in heartfelt thanks.

The girls spoke beautifully and led us in a reflective, prayerful act of worship and we were glad, and thankful, for Mary and all our mothers.

 Y4 Mass

Giving thanks to Mary.