Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

Last Supper

There was a solemn, quiet mood in school after we had witnessed Jesus prepare and share the Passover meal with His followers in our re-enactment service of the Last Supper. Our Y6 girls took their roles very seriously indeed and acted with great sympathy in the re-telling of this momentous occasion; we sang and prayed together and brought this story to life in a very spiritual and reflective manner. The arrival of the Roman soldiers and Judas' betraying kiss were greeted with shocked gasps from our younger girls. Many were heard to exclaim afterwards that it all seemed so real, that Jesus was really there in the school hall! We are undoubtedly quite unique in staging this event and it is always most powerful and humbling.

 last supper

Sitting together for the Last Supper

The story continues today with our Lenten Walk, beginning at the Hall and following a path outside around the grounds. Do join us if you are able; head scarves optional, as we recreate the crowds in Jerusalem witnessing Jesus' final journey and triumphant resurrection.

 stations of the cross

Lenten Walk around the grounds