Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

Coombe Catwalk

We were all forced to re-think our weekend wardrobes as Year 6 paraded down the catwalk in the Hall for our delight and as a way to raise funds for the NSPCC. There were some truly fabulous outfits on show and they had all been created in under an hour from recyclable materials – mainly unused, new, bin bags straight off the roll and onto the model! No one knew bin bags came in such a rainbow-wide range of colours, but it certainly made the resulting outfits look spectacular. The girls had worked really hard dreaming up their designs and then making them; a brilliant effort from everyone involved.

   bin bag bin bag

Natural cat-walk models!

After the first show we were treated to further cat-walk modelling this time portraying the story, ‘Who Can Break the Spell?’ as a number of hugely willing parents and staff got involved and retold the story of poor ‘Beast’ and those who tried, and failed at first, to break the enchantment put on the Prince trapped inside the body of a monster. It was impossible at first to tell which parent or staff good-sport was playing each character, and it was only in the roll-call at the end that all was revealed to the great delight of the girls!

It was a really fun morning – a true highlight on the school calendar – and would not happen without a great deal of support, effort, enthusiasm and work behind the scenes; well done and thank you to everyone involved.