Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

"Me First"!

Our talented Year 2 girls presented a fabulous Assembly which reflected upon the qualities a Holy Cross girl should show and have; as a school we have been focussing each week on a different one so it was very timely to be reminded. A Holy Cross girl follow’s God’s path by…

Putting others before herself.

Doing her best at all times.

Respecting others and their property.

Wearing her school uniform with pride.

Being a caring, loyal friend.

Greeting everyone with a smile.

Endeavouring to participate in school activities.

Being honest but speaking the kind truth.

 hc girls cartoon

The girls performed a role play based on the story of ‘Me First’ by Helen Lester. This was an adorable tale that introduced us to Pinky Pinkerton Pig who knew very little else in life other than, “me first”, until one day he greedily mistook the offer of a ‘sandwich’ (first in the queue naturally) for a ‘sand witch’ who then taught our piggy friend a lesson! The witch shared her sand castle kingdom with him but insisted in return he take care of her! Her string of demands, including powdering her warty green nose and combing her hairy toes (?!) soon taught our selfish piggy a lesson about putting others first. The girls spoke with so much confidence, passion and drama it was easy to forget their young age – a true Holy Cross girl doing her best at all times.

 me first Y2 assembly

True Holy Cross girls.