Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

'Cave Canem'...

The current Year 3 Humanities topic is the mighty Romans but not withstanding a trip to Rome itself - bit of a squeeze in a school day even by Holy Cross standards! - the girls are able to experience much of this fantastic historical period by visiting Fishbourne Palace in Chichester. This site started life as a Roman military garrison at the time of the Roman invasion of Britain but expanded into a grand palace with over 100 rooms; the north wing has been excavated and is now home to many fascinating mosaics and relics for us to appreciate and learn from. Mrs Barton, Y3P teacher reveals what happened on their trip.

"Our Year 3 classes set off last Friday for Fishbourne Roman Palace and although the weather was a little unkind, nothing could dampen their spirits and enthusiasm for this trip.

After a quick snack on arrival and splitting up into groups, a busy morning was had exploring the amazing collection of Roman floor mosaics; looking around all the artefacts in the museum, walking around Britain’s earliest formal gardens and of course taking in some retail therapy in the shop!   The girls also enjoyed a short film which showed how Fishbourne Palace would have looked in its Roman heyday and how the site was excavated in the 1960s.

Once our picnic lunch had been consumed, the girls spent the afternoon attending an interactive workshop.  They loved dressing up as slaves and cooking in a Roman kitchen under the watchful eye of a very bossy head slave. They attempted to spin wool and learnt how to write their name in ink in Roman letters and had a go at laying mosaic tiles and playing Roman games.

 Fishbourne  Fishbourne

Roman life.

Well done to all the girls who were beautifully behaved and so enthusiastic all day and a great, big thank you to our fabulous parent helpers for giving up their time to come with us".