Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

"The Doctor Will See You Now..."

We were delighted to welcome one of our parents to talk to us about being a GP; we had submitted a wide range of questions in advance which he happily answered for us and told us all about himself, his working day, what he does and why. Dr.Bates works in a local practice and spoke with obvious joy and enthusiasm for his job. Despite facing four rejections from med school, he was determined to study medicine and pursue his dream having been inspired after watching a gory hospital drama on television when he was growing up; a positive secondary school work-experience where he was given the chance to observe surgery cemented his ambition. We gained an insight into his working routine and learnt how his eldest patient is 107 years old! Dr.Bates admitted that often the hardest part of his job is greeting each new patient he sees in surgery as if they were the first and only patient of the day; a key skill and one as Holy Cross girls we try to emulate with a smile at all times and putting others first. 

Dr.Bates spoke a lot of common sense, as you would expect from a doctor, handled our range of questions really well, including, "Who looks after you when you are ill?". He was engaging to listen to and left us with a few key messages to remember; "eat less, move more", being the most critical one for our general health and well-being.