Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

The Early HC Girl...

The alarms were set just a little earlier than usual at the weekend all ready for Monday morning; our Year 5 girls were off to Westminster, leaving school at 7:30am. The early start was well worth it though as the girls returned full of excited chatter and retained facts from their trip as Mrs Wilman, who accompanied them, elaborates below.

"On Monday, despite the early start, our excited Year 5 girls enjoyed the coach trip up into town spotting the famous London skyline as we approached the Houses of Parliament. Once through rigorous security checks we had a tour of some of the 1000 rooms that the impressive facade hides within.  First we visited the Queen’s robing room and then followed the route she takes to the House of Lords at the annual State Opening of Parliament; as expected, the room was fit for a Queen and grandly decorated in red and gold.  As the political session does not start until 2.30pm on a Monday, to give all the MPs a chance to arrive from their various constituencies nation-wide, we stood in the benches and saw the Queen's throne.  We then moved to the House of Commons which in contrast was rather plain and green in colour, although recognisable from news slots seen on television. The MP’s save their seats by writing their names on cards; it is 'standing room only' at times for some as there are more MPs than actual chairs.

After the tour we worked in class groups and held our own debate and passed laws to appreciate how MPs might think and feel in their daily job.  Finally, we met with Sarah Olney, MP of Richmond Park, for a 'Q & A' session and learnt how she only got involved in politics two years ago but is now elected ready to campaign and work on our behalf in Theresa May's government.

It was a truly captivating day learning how, and where, our country is run from; we all felt just that little bit more in-touch with political discussions on the news, and with the current Brexit talks we can all appreciate what is going on, where."