Sunday Times Prep School of the Year 2013-14

Winter Worship.

If the weather forecasters have got it right and the media is to be believed, then our Mass today could not have been more appropriate or timely...

Year 5 led us in our worship reflecting upon the Winter season and start of the year; whilst it is easy to feel all 'doom and gloom' about the predicted cold temperatures, lack of daylight hours still and the fact that Spring still seems a long way away, this Season is part of God's big plan for us and allows us to take stock and prepare for what lies ahead. We need to find the magic in the delicate patterns left by the plummeting temperatures overnight and the sprinkling of frost in the morning; we should marvel at the ways in which tender shoots are beginning to appear in the earth and how some trees and bushes have not lost any of their leafy covering.

Father Michael reminded us that one of the most simple and rewarding activities at this time of year is to curl up all warm and cosy with some reading material; he insisted that every 3-6 months new ideas come to fruition, so it might just be a spark from something that we read now, that sets us off in a more fulfilling direction later in the year... The girls spoke beautifully, and urged us to be thankful at this time of year for our material comforts - heating, shelter, clothing and food - and give to others what we can if they are lacking any of these. Mass was the perfect reminder for us all striving to be the best we can be, with resolutions academic, or social.

 Y5 Mass

Awaiting a winter wonderland to walk in....?!!